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Herman verschooten

These things I recently learned, that may be useful to myself and others in the future.

Transform from one Ecto.Schema to another with one command

Recently I was struggling with a polymorphic table I made.
The table contains documents of 4 different types, but they all adhere to almost the same structure.
My urgent issue was that each of these types have a different embedded schema.
I looked and tried and found a hack to load the schema.

def to_data(%{type: type, data: data} = document) do
  module =
    Module.concat(Schema, String.capitalize(to_string(type)))
    |> Module.concat(Data)

    |> Ecto.Changeset.cast(data, module.__schema__(:fields))
    |> Ecto.Changeset.apply_changes()

But it turns out Ecto has a way to make this much easier - Ecto.load/2.

doc = Repo.get(Schema.Document, 1)
Ecto.load Schema.Invoice, doc

This returns a %Schema.Invoice{} with the data from doc, including the embedded schemas.


This will not work for 'converted' values such as Ecto.Enum, it needs the raw/database value.

Neither will it copy loaded associations.

But still another useful tool for my belt.