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Herman verschooten

These things I recently learned, that may be useful to myself and others in the future.

Folding in LunarVim

Working with TailwindCSS in heex templates is super nice, only the enormous amount of css-classes makes for long lines and huge files.
I was having an issue with some div not aligning as I would like, but since they contain so much content I could not see what was happening.

I know there is some way to hide lines, what is it called again, ah yes, folding.

Since my code is automatically formatted thanks to the nice heex formatted plugin. I can be sure it is correctly indented.

:set foldmethod=indent

Oops, this folds the whole file, leaving me with only the opening and closing tags. I can use zo to open up a single level of folding and zR to unfold all.

Not quite there, when I now open up a file, it folds everything all the time. This is not what I want, I want to be able to fold only when I feel like it.

:set foldlevel=99

Now only folds 99 levels in will get folded, but I can still fold manually.


To make the change permanent, add the following to my lunarvim configuration:

-- Folding
vim.api.nvim_set_option("foldmethod", "indent")
vim.api.nvim_set_option("foldlevel", 99)

Unsure on how to use the folds, just press z and LunarVim will show you all possibilities.